Vietnam is one of the most beautiful and charming places in the world to visit. Please come with us to discover and understand more about the culture, tradition and history of our homeland. If you come to Vietnam and expect to do something special with a lifetime memory for your trip, the best way is on a motorcycle with our tours.

What’s the difference from our tours? We always try to offer tourists and travelers the tours that they get to see the spectacular views of the Central Highland, Mekong Delta, countrysides, Ho Chi Minh trails through Vietnam and all about the local life of people that we meet on the road. This is the only way to get off the beaten tracks.

Mr. David Conner. From: United States. davidconneraudio@yahoo.com (04/18/2015)
My wife and I took a trip in July 2014. 4 days. Absolutely amazing!!! After living and working three years in Asia, the Philippines, we got to visit and see a lot of South East Asia. This was bar far the best time we had! The touristy thing never really has been appealing to us, so this was a treat! We were able to see the REAL Vietnam, so different from how the US media has shown us over the years. It was beautiful and eye opening. Amazing people, great food, and adventure of a lifetime. I am planning to do it again, because it was that memorable. I can not say enough good things about my time with the Easy Riders. Safe and friendly I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks so much for making our trip to Vietnam one we will remember forever! Hope to see you again soon! David and Erin
Ms. Erika Gustafsson. From: Sweden. Erika.g_@hotmail.com (03/17/2015)
Jag och min pojkvän anlände till Da lat med varken boende eller resplaner klara. Vi checkade in på Backpackers Paradise och i receptionen började vi prata med en man, Dinh Mui. Han berättade om easyriders och om hur man genom dem kan uppleva Vietnam off the beaten track. Skippa turistsnåren och få se det riktiga Vietnam! Vi blev genast intresserade och satte oss ner för att veta mer. Efter att fått höra planen, 4 dagars tripp genom central highlands med avslut i nah Trang, bestämde vi oss för att hoppa på! Och det var verkligen värt varenda krona! Våra guider Mui och Hung var riktigt grymma! De var säkra förare, underhållande, otroligt kunniga och mycket vänliga människor. Vi vill inte berätta för mycket om resan för det är roligare att bli överraskad, men den innehöll allt man kan tänka sig! Fantastiska lokala matupplevelser, spännande kultur, gripande historia och framförallt starka möten med Vietnams befolkning och minoritetsfolkgrupper. Det har varit en otroligt lärorik upplevelse och samtidigt, tack vara våra guider, mycket underhållande på alla sätt och vis. Mui och Hung gjorde verkligen en stor del av resan och vi kan bara ge dem våra högsta rekommendationer. Om ni kan så fråga efter dessa två specifikt, ni kommer inte att ångra er! :) det går även att mejla Mui direkt: muitours@hotmail.com To Mui and Hung: Thank you so much for showing us real Vietnam (step by step) we had a blast! We wish you all the best and hope to see you again soon! /Erika and David! Motobyjo!!!!
Mr. Marek Rondik. From: Czech Republic. marek05@seznam.cz (03/14/2015)
Skvely zazitek. Stravili jsme tri dny na ceste z Dalat do Muy Ne s Mesi a Kevin. Kluci mluvi vyborne anglicky a ke kazdemu zajimavemu mistu poskytnou detailni komentar, jsou mily a ochotni. Vzali nas nejen na turisticka mista, ale i do mist, ktere by jsme tezko sami hledali. Za tri dny jsme toho videli opravdu hodne a jeden vecer jsme dokonce stravili u pribuznych v dome a slavili Tet. Stravovani bylo naprosro perfektni a kluci maji po ceste overene restaurace kde nepotkate turistu. Nejen, ze to jsou levna mista, ale hlavne gastronomicky vynikajici. Je fakt, ze za tri tydny ve Vietnamu jsem nemal lepsi Pho Bo nez na ceste, v miste, kam nas na nej vzali. Rozhodne doporucuji, stoji to za to.
Ms. Leyla Kazim from The Cutlery Chronicles. From: United Kingdom. leylakazim@gmail.com (03/02/2015)
I have written quite extensively about the great six day / five night trip we made from Hoi An to Da Lat with David and Thai in February 2015. Please find it here, along with a lot of images: http://www.thecutlerychronicles.com/2015/03/week-10-vietnam-6d5n-motorbike-tour-hoi.html
Mrs. Christina Eagle. From: United Kingdom. christinaeagle@live.com (01/29/2015)
My husband and I recently took a 6 day trip with Nam and Duong from Dalat to Hoi An. Neither of us had been on motorbikes before but we absolutely loved this first experience - the bikes were comfy and made driving through the beautiful countryside a really pleasurable journey. Nam and Duong were very passionate about Vietnam and we felt that we gained so much by having them as our guides. We ate in local restaurants and tried lots of delicious Vietnamese food. We gained a true insight into the daily lives of local people and everything was organised perfectly. Our highlights from the trip included: visiting a Banar ethnic minority village during a celebration and being invited to join them to drink rice wine; being welcomed by children with very enthusiastic cheers of "hello!", whenever we drove through a village; and spending time in remote areas of captivating scenery. This really is the best way to get off the tourist trail and see the 'real' Vietnam. Thank you so much to Nam and Duong for an unforgettable experience!
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